Shopper who shamed Tesco for bag of prawns ’20g below estimated weight’ is slammed

A shopper who ‘shamed’ Tesco for selling her prawns that were 20g under their estimated weight has been slammed.

Samantha Holyoak claims she was measuring ingredients for a prawn sandwich when she noticed the packet of seafood was actually ‘nowhere near’ its estimated weight of 150g.

The 47-year-old shared her discovery with the caption ‘shame on you Tesco’, which she claims was meant as a light-hearted joke.

But the majority of people who commented on social media failed to see the humour with one saying: “You’re buying prawns… not Colombian marching powder.”

Some called her a ‘Karen’ – a pejorative term for someone perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is appropriate or necessary.

Many urged her to ‘calm down’ while calling her ‘Karen’, pointing out that the large ‘E’ next to the weight indicated that it was an estimate.

The office manager’s photo racked up more than 100 comments as dozens of fellow shoppers questioned why Samantha was weighing the prawns in the first place and how she knew her scales were accurate.

When one social media user suggested she had too much time on her hands, Samantha hit back that it was ‘quite offensive’ and explained she weighed them only to follow a recipe.

The mum-of-two claims she eventually opted to mute the notifications on the post after she was ‘called a saddo and all sorts’ by those who didn’t get her joke.

Samantha, of Chandler’s Ford, Hampshire, said: “It was uploaded as a joke – ‘shame on you Tesco’.

“I found it amusing – I wasn’t there to be derogatory to anybody or blame anyone – it’s just these things happen, it’s an error.

“Not that I was that anal that I would actually go and measure everything normally, but I was making a recipe that needed a required quantity.

“If it had just been me making it, I would have just split the pack as that’s what I’ve always done – I wouldn’t have even looked at it.

“It was actually nowhere near half – it should have been 150g and it was about 20g short.

“I thought ‘hang on a minute, that’s nowhere near as much as half it was weighed out as’, which is why I thought it was quite amusing to post it.”

The mother-of-two claims that Tesco said the E symbol signifies the estimated weight based on the average weight across the batch, but as it looked like they’d fallen below the estimate they provided her with a refund.

Surprisingly Samantha’s post on a single packet of prawns received 148 likes, comments and shares – and even sparked a debate about the meaning of that E symbol.

Samantha said: “The post seemed to be getting a bit negative so I turned off notifications because people were calling me a saddo and all sorts for weighing things out.

“It hasn’t put me off Tesco or ordering my shopping from them again at all – I thought it was quite amusing to be honest and we [family] had a bit of a laugh about it.”

One commenter said: “No offence but you have too much time on your hands to be checking the weight of things matches the estimated weight on packaging.”

Samantha responded: “That is quite offensive, as you’ve assumed I am only weighing to compare what the packaging states, when in fact it was for a recipe that only required 1/2 the pack.

“When I took out half the pack I could see there was a lot less than half… maybe you shouldn’t judge people or make assumptions – no offence.”

Another commented: “No one needs your life story, no offence.”

One said: “Calm down Karen, they are opened now so you can’t take them back but seriously who weighs their food!!”

A fourth added: “Admit it Karen. You fancied a couple of those while putting the shopping away. Really glad you have nothing more in life to worry about.”

Another said: “Calm down Samantha. You’re buying prawns… not Colombian marching powder.”

A sixth added: “I’ve got to feel like there’s worse things going on in the world right now then you getting salty about the weight of a packet of prawns.”

Another said: “Think ur missing a prawn lmao.”

Tesco explained that their weight checks are based on legal requirements but that thawing a product and then weighing them on uncalibrated scales was unlikely to produce an accurate result.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We were sorry to hear that Samantha wasn’t happy and have provided her with a full refund.”